A Guide to Sober Living in Palm Beach County

The early stages of sobriety can be a difficult, vulnerable time for recovering individuals. Early sobriety is associated with temptations and the risk of relapse that can be triggered by negativity, which can include people, places and/or things.  Those recovering individuals who complete treatment and transition directly back into society are exposed to the possibility of relapsing.  Other recovering individuals who participate in outpatient treatment have access to sober living options that exist to reinforce sobriety and offer extended treatment opportunities.


Recovery options are extensive in today’s society, but can be overwhelming and intimidating.  Addicts or alcoholics and their loved ones may not be familiar with what to consider when searching for sober living.  Pathways to Peace, located in Palm Beach County, Florida, exists to educate addicts, alcoholics and their families to aide them in making an informed decision regarding recovery housing.


To support those seeking sober living, Pathways to Peace provides detailed information regarding the most important considering factors of sober living opportunities.  Sober living homes play a significant role in the recovery process and greatly increase the likelihood of achieving a successful, long term sobriety.  Although getting sober and staying sober are completely different concepts, sober living homes support and guide recovering individuals as they work to do both.


Although inpatient treatment facilities are an effective treatment option, they aren’t always a realistic possibility for those who require professional help in overcoming their addiction for a variety of reasons.  Sober living in Palm Beach County and other locations offer a unique balance of structure and freedom that allows recovering individuals to utilize what they’ve learned in treatment while transitioning into sobriety.  Residents of sober living homes are expected to follow house guidelines, but are encouraged and supported as they make their own decision.  This freedom strengthens self-awareness and courage, which allows recovering individuals to confidently work toward their ultimate goal of sobriety.


The structure and routine offered by sober living homes is a major benefit for residents who are in the early stages of recovery and have recently completed treatment.  House guidelines are tightly enforced at all times by the staff and managers to assure that each resident is remaining sober and abstaining from using drugs and/or drinking alcohol.  Guidelines were established to keep residents safe and ease their transition to sobriety.    For recovering individuals who are unable to follow guidelines or aren’t self-disciplined, residing in a sober living home may prove difficult.  Some common guidelines enforced among sober living homes include:

  • remain sober by not using drugs and/or drinking alcohol
  • actively seek employment, volunteer time and/or services or consistently participate in an educational program
  • attend all house meetings, which are generally hosted on a regular basis
  • undergo routine and regular drug and alcohol tests to ensure sobriety

If you or a loved one is considering sober living in Palm Beach County, realistically consider the guidelines, as well as the consequences when violation occurs.


Sober living at Pathways to Peace in Palm Beach County offers access to Twelve Step meetings, which include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other similar substance abuse groups.  By providing the opportunity to participate in these recovery groups, Pathways to Peace encourages recovering residents to continue growing in the recovery and working toward a successful, long term sobriety.  Research shows that Twelve Step programs are more successful when participants have easy access to attending groups each day.


Residents of Pathways to Peace have round-the-clock (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week) access to staff and management.  Our full-time staff members are available to answer questions, offer support, address concerns and speak to potential residents at any time, as well as enforce Pathways to Peace house guidelines.  These staff members may be recovering individuals themselves, but are devoted to supporting others as they overcome addiction.  Staff members at Pathways to Peace are compassionate professionals who are committed to the successful recovery of each resident.


In order to make residents as comfortable as possible, Pathways to Peace offers amenities and services that create a comfortable, serene living environment.  Our suites are available in one and two bedroom and bathroom layout options to accommodate one or two guests.  Each suite is fully furnished and provides a completely stocked kitchens, which include all appliances and utensils.  Residents are able to enjoy new pillow top mattresses, fresh linens and towels, as well as access to a coin operated laundry facility.  Pathways to Peace also offers flat screen TVs with upgraded Direct TV packages and hi-speed wireless Internet access.  We also offer the following services:

  • access to an intensive outpatient treatment program, also known as an IOP
  • the opportunity to participate in family, individual or legal counseling sessions
  • group therapy options
  • access to educational groups, which provide useful information and helpful resources regarding addiction, the recovery process, sobriety and relapse
  • interactive life skills training
  • transportation to and from select, necessary locations
  • access to a spiritual advisor and/or mentor


Pathways to Peace is a sober living home that was established to ease the transition for men and women as they adjust to sobriety.  Sober living in Palm Beach County offers a serene, tranquil living environment that encourages recovery and sobriety.  Residents are able to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the gift of sobriety.  They are surrounded by warm sunshine and compassionate professions who encourage their recovery instead of enable their addiction.  Florida’s strong recovery community provides sober resources that support and guide residents as they grow in their recovery and work toward sobriety.


If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about the benefits and opportunities provided by sober living in Palm Beach County, contact Pathways to Peace by calling (800) 714-8260.


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