Do Halfway Houses in West Palm Use the 12 Steps?

Not picking up a drink or a drug may be the first step in getting sober, but it is not the only step we must take. Some of us had managed to stop using and drinking on our own in the past—the problem was that we couldn’t stay stopped. We could get together a couple days or even weeks of sobriety, but then something would happen—or nothing would happen—and we would pick up again. Drinking and using wasn’t just something we did. It was, for us, a way of life. It was how we coped, how we related to others. We drank and used to relax, to have fun, to work, to sleep, to wake up, to escape and so on. Take away drugs and alcohol and we felt lost. It wasn’t enough to be abstinent; we wanted to be happy and comfortable in our own skin. We wanted to be free of the mental obsession with drugs and achieve the peace and serenity that we could never find in our active addiction.  We needed a new way of life to replace the old one. The 12 Steps are essentially a set of instructions that teach us not only how to live life without drinking and using, but how to live life in such a way that we no longer want to drink and use.

Pathways to Peace is a sober living facility with several locations in West Palm Beach. We offer separate halfway houses for men and women who are serious about their sobriety. Our philosophy is based on the belief that halfway houses have a responsibility to their clients to not only provide a sober environment, but to provide an environment that promotes growth and healing. Our staff is made up of men and women in recovery who work a program and actively strive to apply the 12 Steps and principles in their daily lives. And with hundreds of 12 Step meetings each week in West Palm Beach, it is easy for our residents to make a meeting a day.

Learning how to live without the use of drugs and alcohol is a process that takes time. That is why addicts and alcoholics who are earnest in their desire to remain sober often opt to reside at a halfway house after completing an inpatient program. Early recovery can be a vulnerable time for addicts and alcoholics— halfway houses are able provide the structure and support that many need to maintain their sobriety.

At Pathways to Peace, we stress the importance of the 12 Steps. During your stay at one of our halfway houses, you will be asked to find a sponsor and begin working the 12 Steps. It important to us that you not only remain sober, but that you enjoy the gifts that come with working a 12 Step program.

If you are searching for a halfway house in West Palm and would like to know more about us, call Pathways to Peace at 1-800-714-8260.

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