Sober Living in Florida: What You Need to Know When Looking for a Halfway House

Committing to sober living in a halfway house requires dedication, but also, a clear understanding of which halfway house is right for you.  Sober living centers across the country differ in ambiance  staff members, programs offered and services available.  By researching halfway houses that are within your price range and/or distance, you will be prepared to make an informed decision as to which halfway house will be most conducive to your unique situation.  Unless this isn’t your first time seeking sober living options, chances are you’re unaware of what to look for in a halfway house.  If that’s the case, let’s take a closer look at what to consider when researching a halfway house.


Each halfway house has a different set of rules, although some of the rules may be generally the same.  These rules, or guidelines, are expected to be followed by each resident.  When looking for a halfway house, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the rules and the ways in which they’ll be enforced by staff members and managers.  Be realistic with yourself when debating whether or not you’ll have trouble adhering to the rules established by the halfway house.


An important thing to consider when looking for a halfway house is the environment in which you’ll be staying.  This is most effectively determined by a site visit, which isn’t always possible.  In that case, do some research, as some halfway houses will display photos of their facility on their website.  Be sure to look closely at the room in which you’ll be staying.  Does it seem big enough for you and a roommate, if that’s the case?  Is the room well-maintained with fresh paint and clean linens, towels and things of that nature?  Does the room seem like a comfortable environment?  The more comfortable and at-home you feel at a halfway house, the more likely you are to continue staying there and growing in your recovery journey.


What do you value in a living space or environment?  How do the amenities offered by the halfway house match up to what you find important in a residence?  Amenities play a big role in how comfortable you’ll be and whether or not you’ll feel at home during your stay.  Although amenities aren’t the only thing to keep in mind when looking for a halfway house, they are a determining factor in whether or not you feel comfortable, which directly affects your level of commitment.


Become acquainted with the managers and staff, as they’ll be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to address your concerns, answer any questions and offer support.  These individuals are responsible for the management of the house and enforcing the outlined rules.  Do they seem to effectively fulfill their managerial roles?  Are you comfortable around them?  Do they offer a professional rapport?  If you feel the staff of a halfway house is hard working and dedicated, you’re more likely to follow their guidelines and work to exceed their expectations.


When looking for a halfway house, be sure to consider the financial responsibilities involved.  With the staff, discuss the fees associated with a stay and determine whether or not they are affordable.  When considering the fees, take a close look at the services offered by the halfway house.  If it proves to be too expensive, consider a more cost-effective alternative that offers services that are valuable to you personally.


What types of programs are offered by the halfway house and how will the affect your recovery journey?  If you value interaction with others, consider whether or not the halfway house offers group therapy sessions.  If you consider yourself to be a more private individual who prefers to discuss things without an audience, take a closer look at whether or not the halfway house offers the opportunity to speak one-on-one with a therapist, mentor, spiritual advisor or counselor.  It is not uncommon for halfway houses to offer counseling options and sessions revolving around prayer; if these don’t sound like something you are interested in, check to see if individual sessions are available.


What does the location have to offer?  Is it located in a climate that promotes recovery and an environment that provides ample opportunities to better yourself?  Is it near Twelve Step meeting locations?  Do you have access to local attractions?  Are there educational opportunities located close by?  Is transportation provided?  If not, is there access to public transportation?


Location plays an extremely important role in sober living in Florida.  With access to the beautiful beaches of Florida, clients are able to relax and focus solely on their recovery, which encourages them to grow toward sobriety.  Surrounded by warm sunshine, recovering individuals are reminded of the beauty of life and sobriety, giving them the confidence they need to continue leading a sober lifestyle.  Because of all Florida has to offer, it has become more than a favorite tourist destination, but also a popular destination for individuals seeking professional help in overcoming their addiction.


Pathways to Peace offers a living environment that supports and guides clients as they overcome their addictions.  With sober living options for men in the early stages of recovery, Pathways to Peace is committed to bridging the gap between treatment and an independent, sober lifestyle.  Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, Pathways to Peace is staffed with caring professionals who have devoted their lives to helping others overcome a variety of addictions.  Residents have round-the-clock access to staff members who can address issues, provide guidance or support clients as they overcome obstacles in their recovery journey.


If you have recently completed treatment or are interested in a place to live while you participate in a recovery program, contact Pathways to Peace at (800) 714-8260.  Call today to speak confidentially with a member of our staff about what we have to offer or to reserve a bed.


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